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Master Effective Communication and Collaboration by Becoming a Certified DiSC Facilitator

 DiSC Facilitator 9-30-20

If these past six months have taught us anything, it is the need for effective communication skills especially in a virtual/remote team environment.

Many companies found that people could be productive while working from home, but the challenges of maintaining connection and building trust are becoming more apparent over time.

Some of the challenges we are hearing from clients now include:

  • Trying to recreate the “water cooler” impromptu conversations that tend to happen in a physical work environment or conference
  • Maintaining a culture of teamwork and cohesiveness
  • Onboarding new employees so they feel connected to their team, their leaders, and the culture
  • Getting to know new team members, customers and clients, and building trust with new people in this virtual working world
  • Getting p...
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