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Feel Like No One is Hearing You During This Rollercoaster Time?


Hopefully you caught our first communication about Managing Yourself During a Crisis. As promised, we are providing some helpful guidance on how to Manage Others. One key is to increase the quality and quantity of your conversations.

By now, you have heard someone say that fear is as dangerous as the virus itself as they urge people to stay calm and not panic. In a work setting, rumors, misinformation, and all kinds of worst-case speculation can spread as quickly as a virus. Now more than ever, it is important to overcommunicate with clarity and compassion. Here are some tips to uplevel the quality and quantity of your communications.

First, be authentically human and communicate with transparency.

When internal and external clients—your stakeholders—have confidence in your motives and co...

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Virtual COVID-19 Support: Moving Forward Together & Complimentary/Strategy Sessions


First, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and well. The purpose of this message is to outline some ways we can help support you and your leaders and teams during this time of disruption.

During this unprecedented situation, fear and confusion abound. To survive and ultimately thrive in a very “business as unusual” scenario, it is important to lean on people who can help you create structure, clarity, focus, and direction.

While you may be most familiar with us as a transformational executive leadership coaching and training firm conducting in-person training and facilitation, we at Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc. have been coaching and consulting virtually and conducting instructor-led virtual, interactive training sessions for many, many years.

Rest assured tha...

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