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Make the Most of Meeting Using Work Style


Meetings. They’re a pretty polarizing subject. Some people (and most businesses) place a lot of value in conducting and attending thorough meetings that occur regularly. Other people would gleefully drink burnt coffee for a year if it meant not having to set foot in another meeting. They’re too long, they’re disorganized, they’re boring, the information covered could’ve easily been an email…these are all common (and valid) complaints. The reality is, meetings are an essential part of almost any organizations—but they do have a tendency to go really, really wrong. Luckily, there are ample online resources to transform meetings from dysfunctional to optimal.

We really liked the tips given in Dori Meinert’s article on, “7 Steps to Running Better Meetings...

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How Can You Create an Environment of Motivation?


When motivation fatigue hits employees, it can seem insurmountable—especially from a management point of view. While a manager’s knee-jerk reaction might be to jump in and take it upon themselves to fix the situation, this can actually be counterproductive. Managers often try to motivate their employees, but in reality, motivation is best achieved when it comes from within.

Sounds like quite the dilemma, right? But evoking motivation in people may not be as challenging as you may think. Looking back on Daniel Pink’s TED Talk “The Puzzle of Motivation” (referenced in our introductory post last week), it seems most organizations tend to motivate people through extrinsic means—financial incentives, pizza parties, or even through fear of consequence—when research shows that peopl...
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